Lifestyle Family Photography

Lancashire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside

Hello! I’m Paul…

I’m a chilled out, coffee-guzzling Lifestyle Photographer for Awesome Families looking for a snapshot of their amazing existence. 

I love to create fun and emotional photos that are completely moment-driven. The kind of photography that will fill your heart with memories, and showcase the magic that your kids bring to your everyday lives. 

I live in the beating heart of the North-West (erm, Wigan) with my beautiful fiancé and a cheeky cat called Ellie. I like to start the day with a strong brew and spend the rest of it smiling. 

My photographs preserve a moment a time. Honest and uncomplicated. You don’t need a spotless home or a super-trendy outfit… I want your family to be unapologetically yourselves, so I can show just how wonderful that is. 

Capture the now and it will be yours forever.


So what is family lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between documentary photography and classic portraiture. There isn’t any stiff posing, elaborate artificial studio backdrops and lighting, and the strange props are kept to a minimum! However, I do give some general direction to make the most out of the situation and surroundings in the time we spend together. I may set up some activities to keep the kids occupied. If it helps you to feel more comfortable in from of the camera I will offer the occasional prompt and then I step back and capture the natural responses that follow. That’s when the good stuff happens.

I like the session to not feel like a photoshoot, so they are comfortable and empowered by the process and most of all, so they have fun!

A photo session with me is a chance to slow down, to be free of distractions, even if just for an hour or so. Be in the moment with your loved ones, let your kids be kids and preserve the details and celebrate the milestones of your life together.